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Nique Got-It

Dominique Maybanks (born November 3, 1991 in Muskegon, Michigan), better known stage name Nique Got-It. An independent artist who is under and co-founder of his own label CMC Ent. Formerly known as Nique Gotti prior to mid 2016. He started to gain attention in December 2018 after releasing the videos, “48 Barz Of Trap” and “No Lies” and doing heavy promo/marketing through the Facebook/IG sponsored ads. He also followed up weeks later before Christmas with a solid project, “Keep The Lead” which helped boost his fan base a bit more to end the year off strong.

Nique is a confident and trappy artist who goes and lives by the lifestyle of “street smart, book smart”. While attending Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan as a student-athlete (football), he believed that blowing your refund check on unnecessary things that the average college student would was a bit absurd. So he used the tactics and knowledge of hustling that he learned from the streets of his hometown to survive and earn an income all while trying to pass classes. In the midst of being a multitasked student, rapping/freestyling was always a fun hobby he liked to do. With Detroit being a music heavy city that expressed their life through lyrics, Nique was influenced and thought why not him. He decided to express himself as well through music and eventually started taking it serious in 2014 post graduation (bachelors degree), adding another skill to his load.

While releasing singles, projects and numerous of visuals, steady trying to build a buzz and a larger fan base he set the bar a little higher for himself and many others by starting a scholarship fund (CMC Ent. LLC) for student athletes at his former high school (Muskegon High School). Giving back to the community he received support from during his youth and high school days was important for him. The hustling and education that has always been instilled him, is always going to be there, but as his career grows, he’s adjusting the hustle more legally now by investing in his career. Also educating the people of the streets and the classroom from the knowledge he gained throughout his journey by putting it in his music and motivational videos via Instagram.